Bangalore airport set for digital transformation

The international airport in Bangalore, southern India — the Silicon Valley of India — is planning a digital transformation to become a smart airport.

Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) said that its vision was for Kempegowda International Airport to become a digitised, seamlessly connected and intuitive airport that is positioned as the ‘Gateway to South India’.

In collaboration with technology company ThoughtWorks, the airport has launched a mobile app which provides real-time flight information, airport navigation powered by Google Indoor Maps, and context-specific operational and commercial notifications powered by beacon technology. The app also features one-touch WiFi connectivity for Android users.

Matthew Heywood, a partner in the construction & engineering team at Osborne Clarke LLP law firm, commented:

“This is the sort of new technology that is going to transform the way that airports are constructed and operated and which will enhance a traveller’s experience and allow better management of the building. Airports around the world should take note.”

ThoughtWorks studied 14 leading airport apps to identify the most powerful features for the ‘BLR Airport’ app.

BIAL said it wants to revolutionise the travel experience through a combination of digital technologies that include the internet of: things, people, services and data. By making use of the abundant digital data available, the company hopes to create a more personalised, just-in-time travel service.

Commenting on the plans, Sanjay Reddy, managing director of the airport operator, said: “At BIAL our aim is to transform our customers’ airport experience. Every new digital introduction will combine innovation and emotion, because we strongly believe that digital is more than just technology. The ‘BLR Airport’ app is an example of how we are leveraging technology to make travel through the airport simple and easy. As we move forward our concerted efforts will be in introducing innovative and interactive digital solutions that will create value for our customers.”

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