Digital Catapult releases data on energy efficient buildings

The UK’s Digital Catapult has launched a website that hosts a wealth of data on energy efficient buildings.

Aiming to stimulate innovation and help constructors build more efficient properties, the Building Data Exchange offers a wide range of data on the performance of modern buildings.

According to Innovate UK, the platform makes use of one of the largest unexplored data sets in the built environment. It contains data collected through the innovation agency’s Building Performance Evaluation programme, which analysed how well real buildings performed. The Building Data Exchange makes this data open and accessible to the built environment community, digital innovators, designers and entrepreneurs.

Announcing the launch of the website last week, Simon Hart, Innovate UK programme leader for the built environment, said: “Homes and offices are not performing as they should do. They are consuming up to 10 times the energy they should, and there are a multitude of factors behind that.

“The programme has amassed so much data that it’s difficult for constructors to process it. There is an opportunity now for digital businesses to create smart home or property technology that could be adopted by the construction industry and help it to tackle these issues.”

The exchange will help constructors find relevant information and also start working with digital innovators on solutions to some of the challenges they face.

Innovate UK foresees the data being used in many fields, including property technology, smart homes, Internet of Things, smart cities, wearable tech, building information management, retail, energy systems, sensors, materials and manufacturing.

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