New app aims to speed you through the airport

A new app to help travellers plan every stage of their airport journey will be trialled in Germany and Spain next year.

The DORA project, funded by the European Union, is creating an integrated information system that helps passengers optimise travel time from the moment they set off for the airport, through the airport terminal to the security and departure gates, to the arrival airport, to their final destination.

To do this, the system will provide time-optimised route recommendations for the journey to the airport and time-optimised routing within the airport, leading passengers through the terminal to the fastest-moving queue at security and the quickest route to the gate.

Eurescom, a European provider of project management services in the high-tech field, is coordinating the project.

“Because we’re not really able at the moment to cut the travelling time in the air, the only way is to reduce travelling time on the ground,” Eurescom’s Dr Halid Hrasnica told Horizon, the EU’s research and innovation magazine.

The technology draws on personalised data and crowd simulations to streamline the journey.

“The idea is to collect the information needed to guide travellers from home or their starting point, to the airport, and through to the gate,” Dr Hrasnica said. “When you start your journey you’ll get messages of options that might be better — valuable information about traffic situations, tram, bus or train options or disruptions at the airport

Future possibilities for the app include teaming up with other providers, such as car-sharing schemes, to offer travellers even more options when they land.

Trials of the DORA system are planned to start in Berlin, Germany, and Mallorca, Spain, in June 2017.

“DORA is an exciting project and we will be eagerly watching the trials later in the year. Obviously it’s a worthwhile goal in its own right to give passengers some control over the efficiency of their journey. Looking forwards and taking the DORA concept to the next stage, I wonder about the possibilities of using technology to guide passengers with respect to other aspects of their airport experience, for example in relation to shopping or dining options. In the end, this might be where the greatest commercial gains will be found.” Adrian Lifely, Partner and head of Airport Infrastructure & Services group.


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