Panasonic teams up with German smart city project

Japanese electronics company Panasonic is supporting a new smart city project in Germany.

The company said last week that it is supplying technologies ranging from solar panels to smart home systems for the project in the German capital’s Adlershof district.

Future Living Berlin includes a complex of 69 ‘smart home’ apartments as well as 19 boarding house studios where different smart home scenarios will be examined.

Panasonic has experience in smart residential projects from Fujisawa Sustainable Smart Town, an entire smart city district located at the site of a former Panasonic factory near Tokyo, which is planned to accommodate around 3,000 residents.

“The Future Living Berlin project uses a range of technologies from Panasonic, some of which are visible to the inhabitants, and some which are not,” said Christian Sokcevic, managing director of Panasonic DACH and NL. “The area will be equipped with solar panels from Panasonic, and energy is stored in batteries provided by us.

“We supply safety and building infrastructure technology as well as assisted living technologies, including our latest smart home innovations. Panasonic also provides heating, cooling and ventilation technology, tailored to the individual energy management needs of each home.”

Partners involved in the Adlershof project are able to receive an exclusive insight into everyday life in the connected apartments.

“In order to offer people the home services they really need, we need further feedback from residents how our solutions resonate with their day-to-day requirements”, Sokcevic explained. “Our involvement in Berlin and in other smart cities around the world enables us to receive direct response from users who can tell us which technologies really improve their lives on a daily basis and which only work on the drawing board.”

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