UK and Italian Governments tackle energy efficiency

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The UK government has announced its Energy Efficiency Strategy, aimed at changing the way energy is used across a number of sectors. In parallel, on 9 November, the Italian government published a draft decree which will introduce a subsidised scheme to help all public buildings meet specified energy efficiency requirements. Both initiatives are part of a concerted European drive being spurred on by the European Energy Efficiency Directive.

Alan John, Head of Renewable Energy at law firm Osborne Clarke said:

“This is a significant and positive step. Energy efficiency has been the Cinderella of the energy market for too long. The Government’s Energy Efficiency Strategy has the potential to make an enormous impact on energy consumption, encouraging further investment in efficiency measures and innovative financed energy efficiency solutions”.

Many organisations are already reviewing their energy purchasing, consumption and self-generation and realising substantial cost savings and efficiencies. Today’s announcement will encourage more to follow suit.”

Piero Viganò, Associate with Osborne Clarke Italy, said:

“The new decree will potentially be game-changing for energy efficiency in Italy. This is long awaited legislation which creates an important opportunity for the European energy efficiency industry.

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