Oxford launches competition for new smart city ideas

A new competition has been launched to help make Oxford a more liveable, open and collaborative city.

The Smart Oxford Playable City Commission challenges creatives from around the world to produce an idea that puts people and play at the heart of the city of Oxford.

Innovators, artists, designers, architects, technologists and creative practitioners are invited to propose distinctive ideas on the ‘shared city’ theme, making use of the city’s existing infrastructure and smart city technologies to create a more connected and collaborative city.

Announcing the competition, the Smart Oxford initiative gave some examples of the sort of ideas that would be welcomed:

  • Seeing all of the city — both the historic centre and the city outskirts — positively connecting unconnected people
  • Imagining the city as a system — the information, networks or mobility patterns which are the “data” of the shared city
  • Visualising the emotional contours of the city — how people feel, interact or exchange ideas in the city
  • The diversity of experiences — from residents to students to visitors, within a shared city environment
  • The fabric of the city — how all elements of the city share space

Proposals should combine creativity and technology to surprise and inspire, to help start new conversations, imagine new futures and make new connections — person-to-person and person-to-city.

The winner will receive a £30,000 commission to cover fees, development, delivery, testing and production costs of their idea. They will also be given access to facilities and connection to a community of artists and creative technologists in Oxford and through the Playable City Network.

The winning proposal will be publicly available in Oxford in late 2017.

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