How do you prepare your business for the future of work?

Contingent workers and new employment models in focus

The world of work is changing with the impact of artificial intelligence, automation and new staffing models transforming the way businesses operate. Rarely a day goes by without a ‘future of work’ news headline – but what role do contingent workers and alternative employment models have in the future of work?

Our latest future of work report focuses on the organisations that are helping businesses answer these questions. Based on interviews with The Curve GroupMBO Partners, Staffing Industry Analysts and Talent Intelligence Partners, as well as Osborne Clarke’s experts, it explores the following key themes:

  • the trends we are seeing with contingent workers;
  • the extent to which intermediaries are helping businesses drive employment efficiencies;
  • whether investment in automation will affect the demand for contingent workers; and
  • the risks of using contingent workers.

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The term “contingent worker” includes everyone from traditional temps and agency workers, and newer types of gig worker and zero-hours worker, through to higher-paid consultants and independent contractors.

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