EV owners offered AI-enabled charging technology in UK trial

A new trial aims to demonstrate how AI-powered smart charging could revolutionise electric vehicle (EV) charging.

Moixa, a developer of smart software for domestic battery and EV charging, has integrated its Moixa Hub with EV chargers from energy solutions provider Alfen to create personalised smart charging plans based on household energy consumption patterns, locally-produced solar PV energy and optimisation for time of use tariffs.

This is expected to enable EV drivers to reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions while also delivering flexibility to the UK energy system by ramping up and down charging speeds.

Smart charging will be essential for supporting the acceleration of EVs onto the UK market,” explained Simon Daniel, CEO of Moixa. “Up to a fifth of new cars will be EVs by 2026 and up to 36 million ‘batteries on wheels’ are forecast to be on UK roads by 2040. Smart charging solutions like our collaboration with Alfen will help drive this rapid growth and ensure our power networks don’t become overloaded.”

The first phase of the project will see 7.4kW Alfen Eve Single Pro-line chargers integrated with Moixa’s GridShare AI software rolled out across a limited number of UK homes. Households that participate in the trial will receive the AI-enabled charging technology free of charge.

This technology could have huge implications if applied to all our customers – it will drive individual cost-savings and ultimately turbo-charge the growth of EVs,” said Alex Earl, Alfen’s UK country manager.

Moixa and Alfen intend to roll the offer out commercially upon successful completion of the initial trial.

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