Half of people in cities will choose to share personal data by 2019, says Gartner

Over the next few years, growing numbers of city residents are expected to share personal data with smart city programmes via consumer devices and the IoT.

Technology research firm Gartner predicts that by 2019, 50% of citizens in million-people cities will benefit from smart city programmes by voluntarily sharing their personal data.

Some data in smart cities will be shared passively, through government and commercial collaboration. But as hyperconnectivity picks up pace, citizens will become more aware of the value of their “life data” and will be willing to proactively exchange it for “in the moment” value, Gartner says.

“As citizens increasingly use personal technology and social networks to organise their lives, governments and businesses are growing their investments in technology infrastructure and governance,” commented Anthony Mullen, research director at Gartner. “This creates open platforms that enable citizens, communities and businesses to innovate and collaborate, and ultimately provide useful solutions that address civic needs.”

By 2020, Gartner expects 20% of all local government organisations to be generating revenue from value-added open data through data marketplaces. The key to monetisation will be automating and extending the user experience to allow citizens and businesses to discover and prepare data, and to find patterns and share them within their community or organisation, the research firm explained.

“Open data portals in cities are not a new thing, but many portals today have limited machine readability and therefore limited business value,” said Bettina Tratz-Ryan, research vice president at Gartner. “The city becomes ‘smart’ when the data is collected and governed in a way that can produce valuable real-time streams, rather than just backward-looking statistics or reports.”

β€œThe growing trend of data sharing coming out of Gartner’s research ties in with the findings of our latest international research report β€œThe European connected consumer: a life lived onlineβ€œ. Our data shows that already just over half of European consumers (53%) are comfortable sharing their personal data. However, there are nuances and divergences across Europe in how happy we are to entrust online service providers with our personal data and what we want in return. ” Jon Fell, Partner.

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