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Welcome to this month’s smart cities newsletter. This issue covers the most recent blogposts and videos to keep you up to date with the latest news and opinions about the development of smart grid, energy storage, intelligent transport systems and building efficiency. To find out more about the development and need for smarter cities generally, please see the Developing smarter cities section at the end of this newsletter.

Smart grid 

Consumers have doubts about the benefits of smart energy technologies 

Between now and 2020, every household and small business across England, Scotland and Wales will be offered a smart meter by their energy supplier at no extra cost. But energy firms still need to overcome barriers to adoption: new research shows that consumers have concerns about data privacy in the era of smart metering, and are sceptical about the possible cost savings. Read more >

Smart grid encryption needs tightening, says report

A new study raises questions over the security of the smart grid network, and argues that stronger encryption architecture is needed. Read more >

Energy storage 

Could hydrogen storage help the UK satisfy peak energy demands? 

Storing hydrogen deep underground in salt caverns could help the UK meet peak energy demands, according to a new report by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI). Read more >

Next Government must back energy storage 

The next government faces major energy challenges and will have to invest in the UK’s energy infrastructure to make it more efficient. Read more > 

Energy storage system will help Faroe Islands stabilise grid, use more wind power

A major new energy storage system (ESS) project aims to help the Faroe Islands stabilise their electricity grid and use more power from wind turbines. Read more >


Self-driving technology road-tested in the US 

US-based transportation network company Uber Technologies Inc. has launched a test car in Pittsburgh as part of its research into autonomous driving technologies. Read more > 

Case study: Collaborative working and the sharing of smartPORT ideas Dr. Sebastian Saxe, Head of Services at Hamburg Port Authority discusses collaborative working and the sharing of smartPORT ideas. Play video >

 Autonomous truck approved for use on US roads 

Daimler Trucks has taken its autonomous heavy-duty truck on public roads in the United States after being granted the world’s first road licence for such a vehicle. Read more > 

Driverless cars ideal for rural Wales, academics say 

Engineers at Glyndwr University believe that autonomous vehicles should be trialled in Wales because they are well suited to its steep, narrow and slow roads. They say they could be used as taxis in rural areas that have poor public transport links, significantly improving quality of life. Read more >

Building efficiency 

Taking building efficiency to a new level 

The University of Leicester is blazing a trail for sustainability with a new building that will achieve record levels of energy efficiency.The £42 million Centre for Medicine building, which is currently under construction, is set to become the largest Passivhaus building in the UK when it opens during the next academic year. Read more > 

US legislates on building efficiency, while EU fails to ringfence funding 

New legislation in the United States is expected to boost energy efficiency in buildings across the country. The Energy Efficiency Improvement Act of 2015, signed into law last week, aims to provide incentives to cut energy use in commercial buildings, manufacturing plants and homes. Read more > 

Housing associations lead the adoption of sustainable technologies 

Housing associations across the UK have been at the forefront in the adoption of green building technologies, according to a new report which looks at their use of various features designed to save energy and water. Read more >

Developing smarter cities 

Case study: transport and logistics initiatives in smart city Hamburg 

Hansjorg Schmidt, Member of the Hamburg City Parliament discusses the transport and logistics in smartCITY Hamburg. Play video > 

Oxford joins forces with Nominet to drive smart city project 

The city of Oxford has partnered with Nominet to further its development of smart city approaches. Read more > 

Cities should generate their own energy, says National Trust expert

British cities should generate their own energy, according to the National Trust’s rural enterprise director. Read more > 

Osborne offers more powers to English cities with elected Mayor 

Cities in England will be given more powers over local transport, housing, planning, healthcare and policing matters under new plans announced today by George Osborne. The chancellor said that the new Conservative government wanted to transfer devolved powers to cities across England because the old model of running everything from London is no longer effective and has unbalanced the economy. Read more > 

Osborne Clarke and smart cities 

Simon Hobday, Energy Partner at Osborne Clarke discusses our focus on smart cities development.. Play video >

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