Smart City Technologies Tested At Canary Wharf

A new smart city initiative in London will give 12 start-up companies the opportunity to develop and test their technologies for sustainable buildings and integrated transport.

Businesses taking part in the Cognicity Challenge include a company that develops flooring technology which converts kinetic energy from footsteps into renewable electricity and a firm that seeks to prevent overheating in buildings, Canary Wharf Group reported last week.

The property company says that the start-ups will be pioneers in helping transform Canary Wharf into a smarter city.

The 12 companies will work on their developments in the newly opened High Growth Space:24 in One Canada Square, the distinctive skyscaper in Canary Wharf. During their 12-week residency, which starts in April, the start-ups will be able to access specialist mentoring and training from Canary Wharf Group.

A further 24 companies will also be chosen for the Cognicity Challenge in four other categories: automated building management; integrated resource management; connected home; and virtual design and construction.

The winner of each of the six categories will be awarded £50,000 and offered the opportunity to further develop and pilot their technologies at Canary Wharf.

Sir George Iacobescu, chairman and chief executive of Canary Wharf Group, said: We launched the Cognicity Challenge in order to promote the development of smart cities technology and the interoperability of systems in future cities. Welcoming these chosen smart cities start-up companies to Canary Wharf is a natural continuation of the group’s original aim to create the cityscapes of and for the future.

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