British MotoGP trials smart transport technology

A smart city initiative focused on creating better transport networks was successfully trialled at the recent British Grand Prix MotoGP motorcycle race.

InterDigital’s oneTRANSPORT traffic flow management service is designed to gain insight that facilitates better traffic flow.

At the British MotoGP, it analysed traffic data captured from Silverstone Circuit’s two surrounding counties, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire, in order to provide intelligence on how to better manage traffic peaks coming in and out of the event.

This trial takes the technology a step closer to commercial deployment, InterDigital said. It follows an earlier trial at the British Formula One Grand Prix in July.

According to InterDigital, traffic data that impacts traffic flow at the race circuit around major events is already available, but in separate, fragmented silos that fail to give a holistic picture for race organisers and local councillors to collectively analyse.

“The use of the oneTRANSPORT project’s technology at Silverstone is designed to provide greater access to, and analysis of, traffic data,” explained Alan Carlton, vice president of InterDigital Europe. “All of the oneTRANSPORT partners have worked together to open up previously closed data sets that can help to reduce congestion and deliver a better travel experience for all at Silverstone. As the first step towards a live commercial deployment of the technology, we are thrilled with the results that we have seen so far.”

“In order to improve the customer experience and as part of our evolving traffic management plan to accommodate our customers and provide accurate travel information, it is vital that we have the latest transport data available to us and our partners,” added Alex Lacey, head of events at Silverstone Circuits Ltd. “Silverstone fully recognises the value that the oneTRANSPORT project will bring in the future, enabling strategic and local transport data to be made available via a single data platform. The potential to build on this platform and create tailored transport information solutions is of interest to Silverstone, and we look forward to continuing our participation with the project in the future.”

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