Carpooling goes mainstream via Google Maps

Google is listing car-sharing options on Google Maps under a new agreement with carpooling service BlaBlaCar.

Users searching for a route on Google Maps will be offered the carpooling option alongside driving, walking, cycling and taking the train – making it even easier for people to travel city-to-city.

Anyone interested in carpooling options who already has the BlaBlaCar mobile application on their smartphone will be redirected to the results page on BlaBlaCar that corresponds with the desired route, while those who don’t already have the app will be redirected to the App Store or Google Play.

This collaboration between Google and BlaBlaCar is global, and will be progressively rolled out in the 22 countries where BlaBlaCar operates.

BlaBlaCar describes carpooling as a “democratised mobility solution” and says its integration as a viable transport option in Google Maps highlights just how mainstream this mode of transport has become.

Philippe Cayrol, Head of Partnerships at BlaBlaCar, said: “This collaboration with Google is great news for Google Maps users, who will now be able to access carpool offers from BlaBlaCar and either discover or rediscover an economic and user-friendly transport option. We are convinced that the transport of tomorrow will be seen in multimodal transport integration. Google Maps shares this same belief, and is now offering train, bus and carpooling solutions in the same place.”

Gino Mattiuzzo, Partnership Manager at Google, added: “We want to suggest the most relevant means of transport for each trip to our users. With carpooling growing rapidly, displaying BlaBlaCar offers will increase the choice of transport solutions available on the Google Maps platform. It also simplifies the process for users, who will be able to book and purchase their seats directly through the BlaBlaCar mobile app.”

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