Deal signed for high-speed network and smart city infrastructure in Slough

Slough is set to become the first fully functional wireless gigabit and smart city in the world, according to communications infrastructure startup Angie Networks.

The company has signed an agreement with Slough Borough Council to deploy a 5G-primed fibre-fed wireless network across the borough — the first area in the UK to benefit from this innovative technology.

Expected benefits for residents will include real-time information on traffic, parking and public transport, as well as air quality and public security. The network will also support remote health monitoring and home automation.

Angie will finance the entire project.

As part of the plans, the company has signed up fibre and communications operators Colt and Zayo to build fibre infrastructure deeper into all Slough neighbourhoods off their existing infrastructure. The last hundred feet and into homes and business will be connected through wireless technology.

Residents will pay £30 per month for a wireless gigabit connection they can use all across Slough.

Nick Vat, digital transformation manager for Slough Borough Council, told the Slough & South Bucks Observer: “This is incredibly exciting news for Slough.

“This will enable Slough to become the first wireless gigabit city in the world and a truly smart city — a hotbed of opportunity where citizens and businesses can harness cutting edge technology for a vast number of uses.

“The council will be leading the way. We are already looking at ways we can use digital technology to provide better, more efficient services, whether that’s waste collection, healthcare or traffic management. The possibilities are endless.”

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