Flexible car sharing service allows Londoners to pick up and drop off in different places

Car sharing service Zipcar has launched a new flexible option, allowing users to pick up and drop off a car in different locations.

Available in London, the new Zipcar Flex service gives members greater flexibility to travel around the city and only pay for the time they drive.

The Zipcar app now offers a choice of two options:

  •  The original Roundtrip service, which operates from dedicated on-street Car Club Only bays all across the city. Users pick up and drop off a Zipcar in the same location and pay on an hourly basis.
  • The Zipcar Flex service, which can be used to drive to a destination one-way or run an errand, ending the trip by dropping off the car in one of the thousands of approved parking bays within the designated ‘Zipzone’ – a zone of 70 square kilometres across London which covers Wandsworth, Merton, South Lambeth and most of Southwark. Users can borrow a car for any length of time and pay per minute of use.

There is no additional membership cost for existing Zipcar UK members.

Zipcar UK’s General Manager, Jonathan Hampson, said that the drive and drop service moves the company “one step further towards our vision of a city where car sharers outnumber car owners”.

He added: “We believe that the freedom to be able to do any kind of trip, where you need a car without having to own one, has the power to fundamentally redefine urban mobility in the kind of sustainable way that will allow London to continue to grow and thrive.”

According to Zipcar, each round-trip car club car replaces 10.5 vehicles on the road as members report that they sell cars to join the service.

After joining Zipcar, households drive around 570 miles less every year.

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