Milton Keynes expands deployment of smart parking sensors

Milton Keynes Council is expanding its trial of Smart Parking’s SmartPark solution, which allows drivers to enter the car park, pay and then walk away, without having to return to their vehicle to display a ticket.

The SmartEye sensors in the car park are also connected to an app that drivers can use to search for parking availability. By checking the SmartApp for iPhone and Android, drivers can easily locate vacant parking spaces in real time, the company said.

Smart Parking initially installed 300 of its SmartEye sensors in Milton Keynes’ B4-1 Car Park on South Second Street in February 2015. This has helped the city council to monitor usage, increase the use of under-utilised bays and provide accurate real-time parking occupancy information to drivers.

The success of the trial has led the council to expand the project, installing a further 200 sensors. SmartEye sensors will now be installed in Saxon Gate and Silbury Boulevard, in parking areas either side of Midsummer Boulevard to the North West of Lower Twelfth Street and close to John Lewis, the Post Office and the Food Court.

Councillor Matt Clifton, Cabinet Member responsible for Transport Strategy in Milton Keynes, said: It is great that Milton Keynes is expanding its sensor network for parking — and the extra 200 sensors will make it easier for employees to park in CMK. This confirms that MK is becoming Britain’s leading Smart City.

Since the initial deployment in February, Milton Keynes Council has used Smart Parking’s reporting system, SmartRep, to monitor usage and parking occupancy data. In addition, full integration with Pay & Display machines on site enables the council to monitor enforcement efficiencies if required.

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