Round-up of thoughts from Osborne Clarke’s connected car event

Further to our event, In the Cockpit of the Connected Car on 10th March, here’s a round-up of some of the key messages from our speakers.

“Two worlds are converging. There are phenomenal business opportunities out there as more and more vehicles don’t just store data, but transmit. Data is now a corporate governance issue and access to information will transform the competitive landscape.” Thomas Funke

“Businesses are going to have to be well organised to react quickly to security breaches, the ambit of laws that cover this are going to get wider and the stakes increased. Therefore business’ organisation is going to be very important on how they deal with audits. Contractual relationships are going to be right under the microscope.” James Mullock

“There is a complex commercial landscape when it comes to patents and the connected car. We have seen a large amount of litigation in the mobile telephone industry around patents. We can expect to see the same in the future around the connected car.” Lorna Brazell

“The landscape is changing, data is a corporate governance issue. Businesses are going to need to make sure that they are much better organised as more emphasis is going to be put on data audit trails. Those who hold data sets need to think carefully about how contractually they are going to consent on exit.” James Mullock

“The legislation and regulatory regime will need to adapt to properly address the different liability issues that driverless vehicles present and I think there is good awareness of this. As such, our prediction is that it will accommodate highly autonomous vehicles on the roads for general public use as soon as the next 18 months, but accommodating completely driverless vehicles is some way off.” Claire Temple

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