Energy efficient buildings and street lights save council millions

A major programme of carbon reduction projects in Hampshire has saved the County Council almost £3m in avoided energy costs and cut its carbon emissions by more than a third.

Energy efficiency projects have been implemented across Hampshire County Council’s corporate buildings, including maintenance improvements such as re-roofing projects and boiler and lighting replacements in schools and office buildings. Carbon management is also now a key consideration in all new, refurbished and extended building projects designed by the County Council’s in-house team.

Meanwhile, the installation of 23 solar photovoltaic systems in council-owned buildings is delivering efficiency savings of £45,000 per year and generating 450,000kWh of power annually.

Street lighting replacement across Hampshire has further contributed to the reduction, by using more energy efficient lamps, reducing burning hours and dimming lights.

“In just six years we have cut our emissions from 54,200 tonnes in 2010 to 34,813 tonnes this year. We’re now accelerating towards our 2025 target of cutting our emissions to 32,500 tonnes, which seemed very ambitious a few years ago,” said Councillor Mel Kendal, executive member for Economic Development.

“The considerable reduction in our carbon emissions not only protects the environment, but also enables the County Council to make further savings on energy costs and generate income from the national grid through renewable technologies. If this progress continues at the same rate, I’ve little doubt we’ll achieve our ambition to make further positive reductions and likely exceed our 2025 target. This is great news for Hampshire taxpayers and the environment.”

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