Energy Storage Trade Group Launched

A new trade body for energy storage technologies across the UK has been launched by the Renewable Energy Association (REA).

UK Energy Storage aims to ensure that storage technologies have a smooth path to commercialisation in the UK through the development and delivery of effective policy.

The group intends to work closely with ministers and officials on policy areas including financial incentives, planning, building regulations and taxation. It will also develop technical and training standards, with support from other REA groups working on issues such as decentralised energy and grid connection.

Members of the group will be able to get expert advice on the issues surrounding energy storage in the UK, including the market, regulations, certification processes and technical support. They will also have access to relevant market research studies and an online library of reference documents and related material.

Commenting on the new trade body, Ray Noble, senior advisor at the Renewable Energy Association, said: The potential for energy storage to transform the UK energy mix is immense. Through representing all types and scale storage technologies the REA will drive the commercialisation of viable storage solutions in the UK. The integration of storage technologies will bring down costs and increase the capacity of renewable energy available on demand, which could revolutionise the energy mix.

According to the REA, the UK’s energy supply mix could benefit significantly from energy storage technologies. The ability to store renewable power which can then be used to meet demand when it is needed will help ensure system stability and security of supply as well as decarbonising the country’s energy supplies.

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