Nissan announces plans to let EV drivers sell electricity back to the grid

Nissan has partnered with Northern Powergrid to develop new vehicle-to-grid technology that would enable electric vehicle (EV) owners to sell electricity back to the grid at times of peak demand.

With a vehicle-to-grid system, electric vehicles are fully integrated into the electricity grid, allowing energy to travel both to and from the car’s battery. This can improve network capacity and help to make renewable energy sources more affordable and more widely available.

Nissan LEAF owners would be able to connect and charge their vehicle during low-demand, cheap tariff periods, and use the electricity stored in the vehicle’s battery during high tariff periods, or make money by selling it back to the power grid.

Mobile energy hubs could be created by connecting large numbers of electric vehicles directly with the grid.

Jim Cardwell, Head of Trading and Innovation at Northern Powergrid, the electricity distribution business for North East England, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire, said: “Building on what we are already doing around innovation projects, this signals the start of a ground-breaking industry partnership to explore new innovations that could support the creation of smarter, greener energy networks and help shape future technologies to support the efficient roll-out of electric vehicles.”

Ed Jones, EV Manager at Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd, added: “We’ve always known that Nissan’s EV technology can be used for so much more than just getting people from A-to-B and we’re delighted to be sharing our expertise to help create more sustainable energy networks in the UK. Through the integration of Nissan EVs, we can find new solutions that will help shape a society whose energy use is sustainable, efficient and affordable.”








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